Montana Metal Episode 186 Air Date: August 15th



  • Members Include:
    Riley Haynie
    Tel Deadmore
    Jacob Fish
  • Formed in:
  • Forming as a studio project in 2016. Deathwish set out to create abrasive, energetic, noise filled hardcore punk in the vein of Black Flag, Nirvana, and Converge.
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Sound Beast

  • Members Include:
    John English: Guitar & lead vocal
    Bill von Brethorst: Guitar
    Christopher Borton: Drums
    Tony Sanchez: Bass
  • Formed in:
  • This band pairs well with other artists from many other genres, from softer rock to hard heavy metal, Sound Beast is a great blend. The website gives you a chance to pick up merchandise, check out photos and see upcoming shows. This song is on the band's first EP, 'Bite of the Beast'.

Break Two

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In Rapture

  • Members Include:
    Nate Yeager - Guitar
    Tony Morales - Guitar/Keyboard
    Zach Ostwalt - Bass
    Samm Bauer - Keyboard/Samples
    Kailee Hanson - Keyboard
    Jr Anderson - Drums/Percussion
  • Formed in: 2014
  • This Ambient, Experimental Metal is composed by a 6 peice band. They have samples and videos on their facebook page.
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Saturday, SEPT 14th


Trees For Coffins

  • Members Include:
    Tanner Rogers
    Tyler Rose
    Dillon Davalos
    Kyle Nelson
  • Formed in: 2018
  • In the midst of the small town of Milltown, Montana, "Trees for coffins" was summoned to this earthly plain in 2018 by friends with a mutual interest in creating haunting original rythmic noise. Subjects of horror, loss, dissatisfaction, and countless others, with combinations of metal, country, punk , and blues, create the sound of TFC which can inspire or annoy the fools! The first official Demo "Grave Teaser" was produced and mastered by TFC themselves the winter of 2019 released spring 2019 for the enjoyment of any who have ears!

Break Three

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Universal Choke Sign

  • Members Include:
    Per Carlson
    Dayv Drake
    Justin Tribble
    George G Nizzle
    JJ Keller
  • Formed in: 2005 - 2016
  • Their debut album, “Last Breath”, was released July 2008 and the most recent album, Murder came out early summer of 2016. The love of their fans and always provided a fully entertaining and satisfying show! Members JJ and Per are now in Devilution and Nizzle is now drumming for Two Foot Titan.
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Friday, SEPT 13


Ageless Evermore

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in:
  • Recently released an EP called Sudden Change of Scenery.

Montana Metal

Close the Show
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  • Members Include:
    Trevor Stoltenberg - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
    David Fredrickson - Bass
    Ben Meyer - Vocals, & Symon Murdick – Drums
  • Formed in:2007
  • Described as a Sludge / Doom / Progressive Metal. They derive music than feeds on the hidden energy that guides the "Human experiance". Photos, downloads and more can be found on social media.
Tune in next week for artists like Iron Swarm and CopperVena along with much, much more

Monday, SEPT 16th



  • Members Include:Moof | Southpaw
  • Formed in:
  • They describe themselves as Deathrash Boogie. "The meanest,'ugliest boogie band you can't resist!" They have been influenced by the classics such as; Journey,The Electric Mayhem, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top and more. The wonder of this band is Southpaw has only his left arm and is the lead singer and guitarist. Not much in Social media besides Facebook, but a google search will have a ton of Youtube videos and news articles that spread across the world.