Montana Metal Episode 188 Air Date: September 19th

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Two Foot Titan

  • Members Include:
    Mark Marx - Guitar
    Alex Winn - Vocals / Guitar
    Jancy Petersen - Drums
    Jeremy Haacke - Bass
  • Formed in:N/A
  • An epic blend of classic rock and progressive metal, mixed with some funk and grunge.
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  • Members Include:
    Dave on bass
    Josh on Drums
    Quincy has Guitar/Vocals
  • Formed in: 2012
  • Arctodus is a three piece heavy metal group that strives to develop a unique and heavy sound combining genres including sludge, slam, tech, death, and more. They are Named after a 14ft prehistoric bear that is recognized as the largest mammalian predator to have lived. Huge, aggressive, powerful. A symbol of the music. Haven't seen any active posts since August but they have been known to hibornate, so we can hope they will wake again soon.

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Sixteen Penny

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: N/A
  • Sixteen Penny is a heavy influence to the Montana Metal scene. They went on a hiatus for a couple years, but came back with a vengeance and now are playing shows across the country. Front woman Jessica holds an extra job as a show host and can be often seen at Rocking the Rivers along with other out of state festivals. Sixteen Penny rocked many great stages with Hemlock, Project Independent and Spineshank.
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Saturday, October 26th

Deer LodgeMT
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Seventh Passing

  • Members Include:
    Roger Frazer- Lead Guitar and Vocals
    Eric Toole- Drums, Percussion
  • Formed in: 2012
  • Female fronted Modern Rock and Metal band. They have gone through line up changes recently and are looking to complete a full length album soon.

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Black Jesus Vomit

  • Members Include:
    Robbie Vomit - Vocals
    WILHAM BONVOMIT - Guitarist
    Jon Doe Vomit - Drums
    Stephen - Bass
  • Formed in: 2002
  • Founded by WILHAM BONVOMIT (Stage name), they received threats from the CHRISTIAN COALITION OF MONTANA. They have played with actual human remains on the stage, of a spine and ribcage that was built into the mic stand, however it is now buried due to the nightmares it gave band members. Currently working on a new album and we will have it for airplay as soon as it is complete. Current location has them listed in Colorado.
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Saturday, October 26th, 2019 and The Mistresses of Mayhem will be sponsoring another show this year. 22 years in the making, Freaker's Ball!

    Posted by Jason Wilhelm on Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Morning Static

  • Members Include:
    Paul - Mandolin/Vocals
    JR - Drums/Percussion
    Zach - Bass Guitar
    Danny - Electric/Acoustic Guitar
  • Formed in: 2009
  • The first EP entitled 'Biscuits and Gravy' was released on August 25th 2017.

Montana Metal

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  • Members Include:
    Travis - Guitar/Vocals
    Clint - Bass
    Dalton - Drums/Vocals
  • Formed in:2006
  • Formally known as Vengeance, the band changed names and member, holding onto the creator, Travis. They strive for the tour life and would love to live on the road. Described as, "Metal that punches you straight in the throat." The band recently announced that a move to Washington is hapening soon. They toured the west coast frequently and made a name in the underground metal scene. Lots of thrash metal influence, they also include the best of other types of metal.
Tune in next week for artists like Shallow Sun and Stupid Human Suit along with much, much more


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  • Members Include:
    Reggie: Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, Jeremy: Lead and rhythm guitar , Duane: Bass, backing vocals, and on Levi: Drums
  • Formed in: 2009
  • Shramana is a hard working underground, independent DIY. Has a crossover as a emergent musical project formed in 2009 by Reggie Herbert. Their mission is to continuously grow as musicians, while pursuing new sounds and never settling for an easy song. They have since played countless shows, self released three albums and have had a revolving door of endless talent.