Montana Metal Episode 189 Air Date: September 26th


Brad Craig (Solo Project)

  • Members Include:Brad Craig
  • Formed in:
  • Brad Craig is a guitar player and musician living in Missoula, MT. Along with his solo work, he is in the band Shot Stereo and also plays guitar with Missoula's Red Carpet Devils. His most recent solo-project recording is "Thrashed", an old-school, lo-fi, thrash-metal EP. "Thrashed" is available at Rockin' Rudy's and Ear Candy in Missoula, MT. Brad played ALL instruments heard on the album.
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Uncommon Evolution

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 2013
  • They enjoy a WIDE range of music and influences, but loud, in your face, hard rock is where they find a musical foundation.

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Stupid Human Suit

  • Members Include:
    Mike Stephan
    Levi Reeves
    Keeley Byers
    Ben Tustin
    Tim Godbold
  • Formed in: 2011 - 2016
  • Stupid Human Suit derived from former members of other bands. Creative complexity is what drove the artists to create. Writing music really thrived by feeding off each of the band members creative inspiration. There has not been any activity on social media pages since 2016. After little activity was noticed, the Metal local staff was informed that some members were taking careers as truck drivers, so we may not see them together for a while.
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Saturday, October 26th

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From The Buried

  • Members Include:
    Skylar Wanke
    Jeff Gibson
    Jace Webster
  • Formed in: 2011
  • They have a new album releasing soon, and has a cool promo video getting us excited for the release "Not So Immortal" can be found on their Facebook page. You can purchase the first album from thier website now.

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Shallow Sun

  • Members Include:
    Michael LeFever - Guitar
    Jenson Manning - Vocals
    Ryan Thompson - Bass
  • Formed in: 2016 - 2016
  • Formally Known as Truth Lies In Secrets, described as a post-hardcore/metalcore band who's ready to show the world our music. Recently released 3 tracks of the new EP to us. Expecting 3 more tracks soon. Jenson recently moved to Bozeman and is starting to work with like minded musicians and we should see something new from the Bozeman area.
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Saturday, October 26th, 2019 and The Mistresses of Mayhem will be sponsoring another show this year. 22 years in the making, Freaker's Ball!

    Posted by Jason Wilhelm on Saturday, September 7, 2019
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Salmon Rape

  • Members Include:Dillon
  • Formed in: 2009
  • Dillan uses many other sources in colaboration to make Salmon Rape. Described as a Death Metal style vocals, drum lines and deep bizarre (some times uncomfortable) lyrics and themes such as Politics, Aliens, Conspiracies, Economics, and a touch of WTF.

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The Rich Stafford Project

  • Members Include:
    Rich Stafford
  • Formed in:
  • Rich Stafford is a guitar player from Butte, MT and has been playing for more than 30 years. His influences are wide ranging from Metal, Jazz, Fusion, and Classical. His first single is named Talk out Your Face and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and many other sites. Just search for The RSP, The Rich Stafford Project to download the single. More will follow soon. On the RSP, The Rich Stafford Project FB Page has other content as well. The mastering and final mix will be ready for the entire album and is scheduled to be released in July. Rich Stafford just recently moved down south to Texas, so the Texas Metal scene should check them out as he is now part of Iron Jaw!
Tune in next week for artists like Kadmin and Eye For Indifference along with much, much more


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Beneath the Kraken

  • Members Include:
    Kyle - Guitar, Backup Vocals
    Gabe - Drums
    Money - Bass
    Bus - Lead Vocals
  • Formed in: 2009
  • Fans called the Krakheads. Several songs are available for free on social media sites.