Montana Metal Episode 191 Air Date: October 24th, 2019

Great FallsMT
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Odds Unfavored

  • Members Include:
    Jake Hieb - Guitar
    Shane Wronkowski - Bass
    Mike Larson – Drums
  • Formed in: 2010 - 2015
  • Odds Unfavored began in a garage and became a beacon of metal for the Great Falls Area. They have a sound just outside the box and a stage presence that pummels like a sledgehammer to the face.

Break Two

Great FallsMT
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  • Members Include:
    Cory Allain
    Cory Lynch
    Jared Smith
  • Formed in: 2010-2016
  • 3 dudes who love to play music and have fun in life. Although they are no longer together, you can still download free music at on social media. They have done a reunion show within the past year, so we might see more from them down the road. Cory Allain and Jared have continued to melt faces in the Graet Falls based act Pirana Dog.
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February 23rd, 2020


Ripple Effect

  • Members Include:
    Angel Campbell - Drums - (candycoordinator)
    Phil Hoffert - Guitar/Vocals - (Fast PhillyFretboards)
    Nic Rouse - Bass
    "Evil" Evan Joda - Vocals
    Keith Yoder - Lead Guitar
  • Formed in: Disbanded in 2014
  • Started by drummer Angel Campbell and guitar player Phil Hoffert. They pursued a metal sound that didn't cater to any particular genre. They posted several songs on Facebook that can still be listened to, although they have not had any activity since 2014.

Break Three

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Lattitude 45

  • Members Include:
    Hunter Gordon- Drums
    Mike De Jong- Vocals/Guitar
    Garrett Larrabaster- Guitar
    Chance Harmon- Bass
  • Formed in: 2012
  • Rock and metal band from Manhattan, MT. (Formerly known as MIP). They are the 2013 & 2015 Zoo Music Award winners for Best Metal Band. No longer together, but members have reformed into Liquid Gnar.
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Deer LodgeMT
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Seventh Passing

  • Members Include:
    Roger Frazer- Lead Guitar and Vocals
    Eric Toole- Drums, Percussion
  • Formed in: 2007
  • Female fronted Modern Rock and Metal band. They have gone through line up changes recently and are looking to complete a full length album soon.

Montana Metal

Close the Show


  • Members Include:
    Riley Haynie
    Tel Deadmore
    Jacob Fish
  • Formed in:
  • Forming as a studio project in 2016. Deathwish set out to create abrasive, energetic, noise filled hardcore punk in the vein of Black Flag, Nirvana, and Converge.
Tune in next week for artists like The Baked Bean Society and Stranded By Choice along with much, much more

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  • Members Include:
    Trevor Stoltenberg - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
    David Fredrickson - Bass
    Ben Meyer - Vocals, & Symon Murdick – Drums
  • Formed in: 2007
  • Described as a Sludge / Doom / Progressive Metal. They derive music than feeds on the hidden energy that guides the "Human experiance". Photos, downloads and more can be found on social media.