Montana Metal Episode 195 Air Date: December 5th, 2019

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From The Buried

  • Members Include:
    Skylar Wanke
    Jeff Gibson
    Jace Webster
  • Formed in:2011
  • They have a new album releasing soon, and has a cool promo video getting us excited for the release "Not So Immortal" can be found on their Facebook page. You can purchase the first album from thier website now.
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  • Members Include:Shawn Roxx Hoskins
  • Formed in: 2001
  • Described as a "Groove Metal". Roxx headlines the band with other temporary members. Recently recorded a new EP entitled "From a Mountain Made of Metal".

Break Two


Iron Swarm

  • Members Include:
    Guitar- Dan LaMere
    Drums- Jin Song
    Bass- Colt Heimbichner
    Vox/screamer- Robert Corpse
  • Formed in: 2014 - 2017
  • They describe themselves as meat & potatoes metal seasoned with a dash of Thrash, a dab of Death, and a pinch of Power.
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Missoula Metal Artists:
HELL RANCHO & Swamp Ritual

Reclaim the Horizon

  • Members Include:
    Jeremiah Smith
    Damien Sjaaheim
    Josh Hullinger
  • Formed in:
  • Self described as 406 metal with a great modern sound

Break Three

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  • Members Include:
    Josh Schleining- Guitar
    Michael Schleining- Bass
    Katy Robertson- Vocals
    Lucas Speed- Drums
  • Formed in: 2006 - 2016
  • Currently on Hiatus. KaNcErUs produces a unique sound and live performance. One of the Northwest's hardest working DIY band's. Not much activity from the band, but the guitarist Josh is also a promoter and does amazing work providing a great live scene for the Billings area.
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River Runs Red

  • Members Include:
    Kevin George - Guitar, Vocals
    Cori Burwell - Guitar
    Lincoln Vaughn - Bass
    Tom Thompson - Vocals
    Kenny Lough - Drums
  • Formed in: 2007-2011
  • River Runs Red is an extreme metal described as the only one of it's kind from Butte. Infuelces include The-Haunted, Pantera, Nevermore, Slayer band, Hemlock. Although no longer together, they are marked as a band that opened an active metal scene in the Mining City. Kevin George has expanded his carreer to be part of several other bands including At Home In Hell.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
Flathead AreaMT
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Loin Hammer

  • Members Include:
    Devin Hanson
    Doug McCallum
    Jared Bogges
    Jeremy Evert
    David Graham
  • Formed in:2013
  • This warrior thrash metal band describes their music as Eye Gouging Throat Ripping Finger Melting Ear Bleeding METAL. A mix of Technical Speed Metal, Soul Thrashing Extreme Harmony. These four individuals bring together each of their unique sounds to create a musical experience that combines old-school thrash metal with modern progressive and power metal.The bands name is based on a weapon of the gods and more can be learned on social media.


  • Members Include:
    Zechariah Peabody - Vocals
    Tanner Smith - Guitars/Production
    Johnny Widdicombe - Bass
    Evan Knutson - Guitars
    Aaron French - Drums
    Nikolas Huff - Synths/Effects/Backing Vocals
  • Formed in: No Longer Together
  • Although they are no longer Shakefist, we asked them what was going on and they say that Alex, Chris, Rich, and Garrett have a brand new project that's still brutal as fuck but its gonna be different hopefully soon will have a teaser track to release.