Montana Metal Episode 196 Air Date: Decemeber 12th, 2019

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Shores of Leine

  • Members Include:
    Zechariah Peabody - Vocals
    Tanner Smith - Guitars/Production
    Johnny Widdicombe - Bass
    Evan Knutson - Guitars
    Aaron French - Drums
    Nikolas Huff - Synths/Effects/Backing Vocals
  • Formed in:2016
  • Shores of Leine are progressive metalwith a goal is to blend a wide range of influences into something audiences haven't experienced before. Wives, girlfriends and other supports of the band are credited as "The Whores of Leine" on the 8 track album called MYTH.

The Rich Stafford Project

  • Members Include:
    Rich Stafford
  • Formed in:
  • Rich Stafford is a guitar player from Butte, MT and has been playing for more than 30 years. His influences are wide ranging from Metal, Jazz, Fusion, and Classical. His first single is named Talk out Your Face and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and many other sites. Just search for The RSP, The Rich Stafford Project to download the single. More will follow soon. On the RSP, The Rich Stafford Project FB Page has other content as well. The mastering and final mix will be ready for the entire album and is scheduled to be released in July. Rich Stafford just recently moved down south to Texas, so the Texas Metal scene should check them out as he is now part of Iron Jaw!

Break Two

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Sixteen Penny

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: N/A
  • Sixteen Penny is a heavy influence to the Montana Metal scene. They went on a hiatus for a couple years, but came back with a vengeance and now are playing shows across the country. Front woman Jessica holds an extra job as a show host and can be often seen at Rocking the Rivers along with other out of state festivals. Sixteen Penny rocked many great stages with Hemlock, Project Independent and Spineshank.
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Trouble Lewis

  • Members Include:Front person Nichole Frisbie
  • Formed in:
  • a unique blend of rock music primarily influenced by 80's thrash metal and 90's alternative. They are a high energy band with female lead vocals with Abrasive metal and punk riffs laced with just the right amounts of alt rock pop and arena rock.

Break Three

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Stupid Human Suit

  • Members Include:
    Mike Stephan
    Levi Reeves
    Keeley Byers
    Ben Tustin
    Tim Godbold
  • Formed in: 2011 - 2016
  • Stupid Human Suit derived from former members of other bands. Creative complexity is what drove the artists to create. Writing music really thrived by feeding off each of the band members creative inspiration. There has not been any activity on social media pages since 2016. After little activity was noticed, the Metal local staff was informed that some members were taking careers as truck drivers, so we may not see them together for a while.
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FRI, December 13 AT 9PM

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  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 1998
  • Self-described as "The slag pile of Montana's music scene" UNDUN are often referred to as the "Black Sheep" of the Montana Metal scene. Having worked the scene for several years, they hold a strong number of fans from across the state. The lyrics are dark and sharp, with a message of exposing the darker side of nature and evidence of man's greed and waste.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
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The Farthest Edge

  • Members Include:
    Patrick Lee Michaelis - Lead Vocals
    Rich Candelaria - Guitar
    Stefan Flores - Drums
    John Keebler - Bass
  • Formed in:2011 - 2015
  • The fantastic chemistry between the members inevitably led to an amped up live debut opening for the likes of Pop Evil, Static-X, Deuce, and supporting bands such as Cinderella, Sick Puppies, and Candlebox. This song is off of the Full length album "From Billings, With Love", which is still available on Google Play.
Lincoln County Montana (Libby Area)MT


  • Members Include:
    Devin Hanson
    Doug McCallum
    Jared Bogges
    Jeremy Evert
    David Graham
  • Formed in: 2016
  • A 3-piece death-metal band from Lincoln County, Montana. Üsik is correctly pronounced "Oo-Sick", like the walrus baculum (penis bone) used to bludgeon baby seals to their deaths for which we are named after, NOT pronounced"Yew-sick" or "uh-sick"