Montana Metal Episode 197 Air Date: Decemeber 26th, 2019

Great FallsMT
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At Home in Hell

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in:2005
  • Hailing from the cold, mysterious mountainscape of western Montana, At Home In Hell blends an abundance of musical stimulus into a brutally deranged onslaught of chugging riffs and hard hitting catches, mixing influences from east coast hardcore, west coast thrash and southern power groove while topping it all with a bit of industrial metal. At Home in Hell shares the Idiom; Being in a state of physical or Mental comfort, or being content or satisfied with one's unfavorable, miserable or outright shitty situation.
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  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 1998
  • Self-described as "The slag pile of Montana's music scene" UNDUN are often referred to as the "Black Sheep" of the Montana Metal scene. Having worked the scene for several years, they hold a strong number of fans from across the state. The lyrics are dark and sharp, with a message of exposing the darker side of nature and evidence of man's greed and waste.

Break Two

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  • Members Include:
    Matt Swafford - drums
    Russ Reel - guitar
    Kromdar - guitar
    Sherri Reel - bass
    eddie johnson - vocals
  • Formed in: 2005
  • Blessiddooms stage show is very high energy, and it comes through with all the memebers. Lead singer, Eddie, provides some of the best promotional posters in Montana and Kromdar is a fellow DJ on the Blaze. You can follow them closely on facebook!
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"New Years Eve with Wizzerd, The Lucitones, and Bad Macy at the Glacier Park VFW Bar & Casino 330 1st Ave W, Kalispell, Montana 59901"
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Walking Corpse Syndrome

  • Members Include:
    Leif Winterrowd on Vocals
    Mathew Bile on Guitar
    Tana Starkey on Guitar
    Nocktis and Mr. Grimm on Drums.
  • Formed in: 2006
  • WCS dominates the market with onslaught of great advertising, unique merch and fan engagement. Double drums and powerful guitars, bass and Leif! Make sure to check out Reverbnation and Facebook for Watch social media for downloads, merch and tour info.

Break Three

Flathead AreaMT
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Loin Hammer

  • Members Include:
    Devin Hanson
    Doug McCallum
    Jared Bogges
    Jeremy Evert
    David Graham
  • Formed in: 2013
  • This warrior thrash metal band describes their music as Eye Gouging Throat Ripping Finger Melting Ear Bleeding METAL. A mix of Technical Speed Metal, Soul Thrashing Extreme Harmony. These four individuals bring together each of their unique sounds to create a musical experience that combines old-school thrash metal with modern progressive and power metal.The bands name is based on a weapon of the gods and more can be learned on social media.
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SUN February 23rd, 2020

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  • Members Include:
    Phillip Yanzick: Vocals/Guitar
    Zachary Jurcich: Guitar/Backing Vocals
    Taylor McCarl: Bass/ Backing Vocals
    Anthony Vesco: Drums
  • Formed in: 2009
  • Formally known as A Midnight Drive, they describe themselves as Progressive/Ambient/Pop/Alternative.

Montana Metal

Final Segment


  • Members Include:
    JJ Keller-Lead vocals/guitar
    Per Carlson-Bass guitar/vocals
    Brian Besel-Drums
    Neal Funk-Guitar/vocals
  • Formed in:2019
  • From the depths of former UCS members and long time residents in the Missoula Metal Scene, a groove metal band was born!

Trees For Coffins

  • Members Include:Front person Nichole Frisbie
  • Formed in: 2018
  • In the midst of the small town of Milltown, Montana, "Trees for coffins" was summoned to this earthly plain in 2018 by friends with a mutual interest in creating haunting original rythmic noise. Subjects of horror, loss, dissatisfaction, and countless others, with combinations of metal, country, punk , and blues, create the sound of TFC which can inspire or annoy the fools! The first official Demo "Grave Teaser" was released spring 2019 for the enjoyment of any who have ears!