Montana Metal Episode 198 Air Date: January 9th, 2019

Lincoln County Montana (Libby Area)MT


  • Members Include:
    Guitar and Vocals: Elisha "Lash" Green
    Drums: Craig Phoenix
    Bass and Vocals: Caleb Glaser
  • Formed in:2016
  • A 4-piece death-metal band from Lincoln County, Montana. Üsik is correctly pronounced "Oo-Sick", like the walrus baculum (penis bone) used to bludgeon baby seals to their deaths for which we are named after, NOT pronounced"Yew-sick" or "uh-sick"
Butte MT
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Throne of Malediction

  • Members Include:
    Eric Horner
  • Formed in: 2006
  • Described as a Doom Metal that shouldn't go under the radar by A manic self expresion of doom and dispair. Has a great Youtube channel and posts videios of the bands music often. Eric has had a rotation of members throught the years. He also used to play bass for the Montana Metal band Resurgance. Originlly from Kalispell, now a solo project out of Butte, MT

Break Two

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American Philosophy

  • Members Include:
    Shelby Bean - Vocals/Guitar
    Kyler Stenquist - Drums
    Shawn Bryan - Bass
  • Formed in: 2017
  • A new rock band on the rise with the goal to keep the spirit of rock n roll alive. With heavy metal, punk rock and influences, and a touch of originality. Upcoming Album "Prescription for Disaster"
Twin BridgesMT


  • Members Include:
    KIKI on BASS
    Eddie Caveman Kelly beating on Drums
    Shawn- Voice and guitars
  • Formed in: 2012
  • The logo represents the band as a 3 headed rattlesnake ready to inject you with a hard rock,alterniative, and metal sound. The CD, Radioactive Graffiti is sold in CD stores across the state!

Break Three


Uncommon Evolution

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 2013
  • They enjoy a WIDE range of music and influences, but loud, in your face, hard rock is where they find a musical foundation.
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SUN February 23rd, 2020


Ageless Evermore

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 2018
  • Recently released an EP called Sudden Change of Scenery. We saw them in the 2018 Flatheadvalley Metalfest. We have not heard much activity since however and they are assumed to be disbanded.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
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  • Members Include:
    Travis - Guitar/Vocals
    Clint - Bass
    Dalton - Drums/Vocals
  • Formed in:2006
  • Formally known as Vengeance, the band changed names and member, holding onto the creator, Travis. They strive for the tour life and would love to live on the road. Described as, "Metal that punches you straight in the throat." The band recently announced that a move to Washington is hapening soon. They toured the west coast frequently and made a name in the underground metal scene. Lots of thrash metal influence, they also include the best of other types of metal.
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Universal Choke Sign

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 2005 - 2016
  • Their debut album, “Last Breath”, was released July 2008 and the most recent album, Murder came out early summer of 2016. The love of their fans and always provided a fully entertaining and satisfying show! Members JJ and Per are now in Devilution and Nizzle is now drumming for Two Foot Titan.