Montana Metal Episode 200

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  • Members Include:
    Per Carlson
    Dayv Drake
    Justin Tribble
    George G Nizzle
    JJ Keller
  • Formed in:2005 - 2016
  • Their debut album, “Last Breath”, was released July 2008 and the most recent album, Murder came out early summer of 2016. The love of their fans and always provided a fully entertaining and satisfying show! Members JJ and Per are now in Devilution and Nizzle is now drumming for Two Foot Titan.
  • Members Include:
    Nate Yeager - Guitar
    Tony Morales - Guitar/Keyboard
    Zach Ostwalt - Bass
    Samm Bauer - Keyboard/Samples
    Kailee Hanson - Keyboard
    Jr Anderson - Drums/Percussion
  • Formed in: 2014
  • MAR 13 In Rapture, Deathwish, No Cigar at Pub Station Taproom Public · Hosted by The Pub Station and 3 othersThis Ambient, Experimental Metal is composed by a 6 peice band. They have samples and videos on their facebook page. In Rapture = 119 Votes 49.4%
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  • Members Include:
    Brad Craig
    Ryan "Shmed" Maynes
    Dan Miller
    Jacob Ballengee
  • Formed in:2016
  • Shot stereo describes themselves as an unholy lovechild born of old-school thrash and politically aggressive punk. Your go-to band for proms, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and wakes! Thrashpunk at its finest!

Montana Metal 200

  • Members Include:
    Mark Marx - Guitar
    Alex Winn - Vocals / Guitar
    Jancy Petersen - Drums
    Jeremy Haacke - Bass
  • Formed in: N/A
  • An epic blend of classic rock and progressive metal, mixed with some funk and grunge.
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  • Members Include:
    Leif Winterrowd on Vocals
    Mathew Bile on Guitar
    Tana Starkey on Guitar
    Nocktis and Mr. Grimm on Drums.
  • Formed in: 2006
  • WCS dominates the market with onslaught of great advertising, unique merch and fan engagement. Double drums and powerful guitars, bass and Leif! Make sure to check out Reverbnation and Facebook for Watch social media for downloads, merch and tour info.
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  • Members Include:Moof | Southpaw
  • Formed in: 2006
  • They describe themselves as Deathrash Boogie. "The meanest,'ugliest boogie band you can't resist!" They have been influenced by the classics such as; Journey,The Electric Mayhem, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top and more. The wonder of this band is Southpaw has only his left arm and is the lead singer and guitarist. Not much in Social media besides Facebook, but a google search will have a ton of Youtube videos and news articles that spread across the world.

Honorable mentions with over 100 Votes:
Blessiddoom | Devilution | Bath Salts Brigade | Deathwish | Arctodus | Resurgence

Great FallsMT
  • Members Include:
    Luke O'meara - Vocals
    Matt Peterson - Lead Guitar
    Ron Fox - Bass/Vocals
    Paul Epperle - Drums
    Jeremy Schmidt - Samples/Lights/Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Formed in: 1997
  • They hold a legacy of destruction and mayhem, compounded by an insatiable hunger for brains. The band's logo is B.F.M.F -- Bullets First MotherFucker. Paul the Drummer is also In At Home In Hell.

Check her out!

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Flathead AreaMT
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  • Members Include:
    Devin Hanson
    Doug McCallum
    Jared Bogges
    Jeremy Evert
    David Graham
  • Formed in: 2013
  • This warrior thrash metal band describes their music as Eye Gouging Throat Ripping Finger Melting Ear Bleeding METAL. A mix of Technical Speed Metal, Soul Thrashing Extreme Harmony. These four individuals bring together each of their unique sounds to create a musical experience that combines old-school thrash metal with modern progressive and power metal.The bands name is based on a weapon of the gods and more can be learned on social media.

Voted Number 1 by Montana Metal Fans

At Home in Hell = 145 Votes 60.2%

Great FallsMT
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  • Members Include:
    Ben - Vocals
    Paul - Drums
    Kevin - Guitar
    Lafe/Jake - Bass
  • Formed in: 2005
  • Hailing from the cold, mysterious mountainscape of western Montana, At Home In Hell blends an abundance of musical stimulus into a brutally deranged onslaught of chugging riffs and hard hitting catches, mixing influences from east coast hardcore, west coast thrash and southern power groove while topping it all with a bit of industrial metal. At Home in Hell shares the Idiom; Being in a state of physical or Mental comfort, or being content or satisfied with one's unfavorable, miserable or outright shitty situation.