Montana Metal Episode 203 Air Date: February 25th, 2021

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Black Jesus Vomit

  • Members Include:
    Robbie Vomit - Vocals
    WILHAM BONVOMIT - Guitarist
    Jon Doe Vomit - Drums
    Stephen - Bass
  • Formed in:2002
  • Founded by WILHAM BONVOMIT (Stage name), they received threats from the CHRISTIAN COALITION OF MONTANA. They have played with actual human remains on the stage, of a spine and ribcage that was built into the mic stand, however it is now buried due to the nightmares it gave band members. Currently working on a new album and we will have it for airplay as soon as it is complete. Current location has them listed in Colorado.
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Dashboard Carl Has A New Singer

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  • Members Include:
    Dave on bass
    Josh on Drums
    Quincy has Guitar/Vocals
  • Formed in: 2012
  • Arctodus is a three piece heavy metal group that strives to develop a unique and heavy sound combining genres including sludge, slam, tech, death, and more. They are Named after a 14ft prehistoric bear that is recognized as the largest mammalian predator to have lived. Huge, aggressive, powerful. A symbol of the music. Haven't seen any active posts since August but they have been known to hibornate, so we can hope they will wake again soon.

Break Two

Break Three

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Shores of Leine

  • Members Include:
    Zechariah Peabody - Vocals
    Tanner Smith - Guitars/Production
    Johnny Widdicombe - Bass
    Evan Knutson - Guitars
    Aaron French - Drums
    Nikolas Huff - Synths/Effects/Backing Vocals
  • Formed in: 2016-2019
  • Shores of Leine are progressive metalwith a goal is to blend a wide range of influences into something audiences haven't experienced before. Wives, girlfriends and other supports of the band are credited as "The Whores of Leine" on the 8 track album called MYTH.

Uncommon Evolution

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 2013
  • They enjoy a WIDE range of music and influences, but loud, in your face, hard rock is where they find a musical foundation.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
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  • Members Include:
    Phillip Yanzick: Vocals/Guitar
    Zachary Jurcich: Guitar/Backing Vocals
    Taylor McCarl: Bass/ Backing Vocals
    Anthony Vesco: Drums
  • Formed in:2009
  • Formally known as A Midnight Drive, they describe themselves as Progressive/Ambient/Pop/Alternative.
Butte MT
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Throne of Malediction

  • Members Include:
    Eric Horner
  • Formed in: 2006
  • Described as a Doom Metal that shouldn't go under the radar by A manic self expresion of doom and dispair. Has a great Youtube channel and posts videios of the bands music often. Eric has had a rotation of members throught the years. He also used to play bass for the Montana Metal band Resurgance. Originlly from Kalispell, now a solo project out of Butte, MT