Montana Metal Episode 204 Air Date: June 24th, 2021


Ageless Evermore

  • Members Include:
  • Formed in:2018
  • Recently released an EP called Sudden Change of Scenery. We saw them in the 2018 Flatheadvalley Metalfest. We have not heard much activity since however and they are assumed to be disbanded.

Break Two

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Walking Corpse Syndrome

  • Members Include:
    Leif Winterrowd on Vocals
    Mathew Bile on Guitar
    Tana Starkey on Guitar
    Nocktis and Mr. Grimm on Drums.
  • Formed in: 2006
  • WCS dominates the market with onslaught of great advertising, unique merch and fan engagement. Double drums and powerful guitars, bass and Leif! Make sure to check out Reverbnation and Facebook for Watch social media for downloads, merch and tour info.
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July 3rd, 2021

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  • Members Include:
    Dan B.
  • Formed in: 2018
  • Self described as a heavy metal from the mountains of western Montana. Not your daddy's rock and roll, with hard hitting rhythms, driving riffs and a mix of melodic with aggressive vocals.

Break Three

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Stranded By Choice

  • Members Include:
    Rich Feeley
    Levi Luoma
    Scott Waddington
    Sean Young
  • Formed in: 2011
  • Inspired by a unique blend of classic rock and metal themes, the band has evolved throughout the years to include more complex songwriting and a more energetic live show. They have played over 200 shows since first starting and has been nominated for several Magic City Music Awards.

Arkheron Thodol

  • Members Include:
    Kelly Elfstrom - Bass/Vocals
    Shiloh McBee - Drums
    Seth Francis - Keys
    Tanner Erhart - 6 String Guitar
    Mycah Tippit - 12 String Guitar
  • Formed in: 2013
  • Arkheron Thodol /ärk?,rän • tho,däl/ phrase; To Liberate the Primordial Song of Joy
    Arkheron Thodol is an atmospheric black metal or loregrind band, devoted to exploring topics of altered magical and epic states of consciousness, as well as individual empowerment and sovereignty.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
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American Philosophy

  • Members Include:
    Shelby Bean - Vocals/Guitar
    Kyler Stenquist - Drums
    Shawn Bryan - Bass
  • Formed in:2017
  • A new rock band on the rise with the goal to keep the spirit of rock n roll alive. With heavy metal, punk rock and influences, and a touch of originality. Upcoming Album "Prescription for Disaster"