Montana Metal Episode 202 Air Date: October 8th

  • Members Include:
    Tanner Rogers
    Tyler Rose
    Dillon Davalos
    Kyle Nelson
  • Formed in:2018
  • In the midst of the small town of Milltown, Montana, "Trees for coffins" was summoned to this earthly plain in 2018 by friends with a mutual interest in creating haunting original rythmic noise. Subjects of horror, loss, dissatisfaction, and countless others, with combinations of metal, country, punk , and blues, create the sound of TFC which can inspire or annoy the fools! The first official Demo "Grave Teaser" was released spring 2019 for the enjoyment of any who have ears!
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  • Members Include:
    Rich Feeley
    Levi Luoma
    Scott Waddington
    Sean Young
  • Formed in: 2011
  • Inspired by a unique blend of classic rock and metal themes, the band has evolved throughout the years to include more complex songwriting and a more energetic live show. They have played over 200 shows since first starting and has been nominated for several Magic City Music Awards.

Break Two

  • Members Include:
    Lafe Boucher - guitar/vocals
    Ryan Carmody - guitar/vocals
    Stouff- bass/vocals
    Nelson Ramos - vocals
    Brian Hill - Drums
  • Formed in: 2016
  • Hello everyone! Album update: The new songs are coming together nicely, we should be going into the studio soon
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    Metal show on Halloween with Ceres Music and Demon Doll at the Rustic Hut in Florence. Rock the Root! \m/

    Posted by Montana Metal on Sunday, September 27, 2020
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  • Members Include:
    Shelby Bean - Vocals/Guitar
    Kyler Stenquist - Drums
    Shawn Bryan - Bass
  • Formed in: 2017
  • A new rock band on the rise with the goal to keep the spirit of rock n roll alive. With heavy metal, punk rock and influences, and a touch of originality. Upcoming Album "Prescription for Disaster"

Break Three

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  • Members Include:
  • Formed in: 1998
  • Self-described as "The slag pile of Montana's music scene" UNDUN are often referred to as the "Black Sheep" of the Montana Metal scene. Having worked the scene for several years, they hold a strong number of fans from across the state. The lyrics are dark and sharp, with a message of exposing the darker side of nature and evidence of man's greed and waste.
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Friday, October 9th

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  • Members Include:
    Travis - Guitar/Vocals
    Clint - Bass
    Dalton - Drums/Vocals
  • Formed in: 2006
  • Formally known as Vengeance, the band changed names and member, holding onto the creator, Travis. They strive for the tour life and would love to live on the road. Described as, "Metal that punches you straight in the throat." The band recently announced that a move to Washington is hapening soon. They toured the west coast frequently and made a name in the underground metal scene. Lots of thrash metal influence, they also include the best of other types of metal.

Montana Metal

Final Segment
  • Members Include:
    Riley Haynie
    Tel Deadmore
    Jacob Fish
  • Formed in:2017
  • Forming as a studio project in 2016. Deathwish set out to create abrasive, energetic, noise filled hardcore punk in the vein of Black Flag, Nirvana, and Converge.
Tune in next week for artists like Hibernator and Shores of Leine along with much, much more

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Twin BridgesMT
  • Members Include:
    Zechariah Peabody - Vocals
    Tanner Smith - Guitars/Production
    Johnny Widdicombe - Bass
    Evan Knutson - Guitars
    Aaron French - Drums
    Nikolas Huff - Synths/Effects/Backing Vocals
  • Formed in: 2012
  • The logo represents the band as a 3 headed rattlesnake ready to inject you with a hard rock,alterniative, and metal sound. The CD, Radioactive Graffiti is sold in CD stores across the state!