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Walking Corpse Syndrome, Blessiddoom and Two foot Titan Concert Review

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Blessiddoom and Two foot Titan Concert Review

  • Posted: 02/07/2019
  • By: Mistress Oycey of The Mistress of Mayhem
  • Photo Credit Mistress Oycey and Jason Wilhelm of

I have been trying to figure out how to express how amazing last Saturday night's show was at The Top Hat. I had been having a bad week, one of those weeks that just keeps kicking you down every time you try to get back up and I had decided that I didn't want to go anywhere on my days off and I was going to just hide from the world all weekend.

Well DjSoN had other plans and pretty much forced me get in the truck to go to Missoula, MT to go to the show. I was grumpy the whole way to Missoula and didn't say much. We got to Missoula and got a hotel and sprung for a cool room with a hot tub in the room at the Thunderbird. We soaked for a while and then grabbed dinner. Then we took our first Uber to the venue. Uber, by the way, is awesome!

Upon arrival to The Top Hat, it was pretty full inside already and it had a great vibe going on. We were greeted immediately by big hugs from Matthew, Greg, & Shawn of Walking Corpse Syndrome, followed up quickly by Ryan from Blessiddoom. We also got to say hello to the lovely, Rebecca, one of the Daughters of Doom. Then we met Dan from Ceres in person for the first time, as he had seen us come in. He brought us over to meet the other members of Ceres.

Every time I turned around I was seeing friends and my smile was creeping back across my face. Sarah F. came by to say hello and we caught up a little bit. (Sarah you looked amazing. ) Jen L. from Kalispell had made the trip down for an awesome night of music. Jen is such a huge supporter of the metal scene. Even Jake H. from Switch Off Safety popped over to say hello and it was so great to see him. We got to introduce our friend Georgi and his lovely lady, Colleen, who had recently moved to Missoula to the Montana Metal scene.

It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and I apologize to anyone I missed at the show. We chatted with as many people as possible and settled in for what would be an amazing night of music.

Two Foot Titan would start the night off. It was our first time of seeing Two Foot Titan. They had a great energy and were fun to listen to and watch. I was impressed with how they were able to get the crowd to interact. Great job!

Then came Blessiddoom on to the stage. Holy shit! I have been a Blessiddoom fan for many years. I have always loved how raw and unique they are. Blessiddoom to me has as always been about the lyrics and message more than the music, if that makes sense. They have always had a good sound and always been fun to watch, but this night, they came out onto the stage and it was obvious that they had come to demand your attention and boy did they get our attention.

The crowd was so into Blessiddoom. Their sound was so intense and clean. I was just in awe of watching them. I'm still just floored by their performance. This was a new Blessiddoom. They have clearly been working hard and it shows. Every member played their heart out and brought such amazing energy to the stage. It was the perfect marriage of powerful lyrics with deep meaning and powerful amazing music merging together for one hell of a performance. My only regret is that not everyone from the Mistresses of Mayhem got to witness this performance. I know I told Eddie that they did an amazing job that night and I meant it. Blessiddoom that was an AMAZING show, and as I stated after your performance that night, WOW!!

To close out the night it was Walking Corpse Syndrome. These guys and gal always come out and punch you in the face and leave you asking for another one. Their energy was fun and sound was great. Walking Corpse Syndrome is always a fun band to headbang to. You can't help but be drawn into their mosh pit and I'm still recovering from that awesome bangover.

Thank you to all the bands and our great friends for improving my week and for the awesome bangover. Remember to get out to live shows and support your local metal scene. Your support is not only good for the bands but it is good for your heart and soul.

\m/o\m/ Mistress Oycey

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